FLHX Harley-Davidson Street Glide

This is my 2006 FLHXI Harley Street Glide. 120 Horsepower, 113 ft lbs of torque. I’m really proud and love this bike. I believe it came stock around 65-70 Horsepower, and the guy who built my engine tells me its the fastest harley he’s ever built, and he’s built them for years. Im not into the speed, but the power is nice pulling hills. Either way, I love it.

My goal is to get a second bike here in the next month or so from Pittsburgh and ride it back with my daughter Megan, along route 66. This blog is to document that and to maybe remember it and share it. I ride quite a lot, and my street glide is pretty unique to me in the fact that its almost double the horses of a stock harley, and its my first real harley after a couple different japanese cruisers. She’s like part of the family.

2006 Harley Davidson FLHXI Street Glide

I love riding. Ive not found another activity in life that I enjoy more. Its a stress reliever, its travel, its exposure to the elements. I love it. Love it when my wife and kids can go, so I’d like to get a full dresser to make alot of miles on this year. Riding it from Pittsburgh would be a good break in and a great ride. Im also looking forward to spending time with my oldest daughter on the trip. Its something not alot of people say theyve done: Ride a harley across America.


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