Ive been reading the scoot 66 blog. This guy is riding 10k miles on a vespa for god’s sake. I would never do that, just because I dont have a real interest in scooters, but I admire this guy’s drive and passion for what he loves. He’s the real Deal.  Its made me want to do it on my harley even more. I will. I have to now. Its no longer an option.
So I need a plan. I had an email from another dealership in Pittsburgh who had an FLHTCUSE3, which is the ultimate touring bike for me. The only problem is its white, and I’m not going to do it untill I can pay cash for it.

So this is the bike, and here’s why. Its loaded. Heated seats, chrome throughout, navigation, storage to take my laptop. Its also a screamin’ eagle 110 with about 100 horsepower and would be comfortable for my wife or kids to ride with me, and not have to worry about them. Something I can put miles on.

It comes in 3 colors. The one to shown, an orange and silver, and a white. Not going to do white. Don’t want to look like a cop. Theres a ton out there, so I’m not worried about finding one. If I wait long enough I could probably get an 09, but I don’t know If I can wait that long. I want to make this run in June or July.

Its also got a 160 watt speaker system. My FLHXI is 40 watt, So i’d imagine this thing thumps, which would be nice. I could listen to NHL radio at 80 mph. Its just built for miles and comfort. I might never go back to work again.

Need to get this plan together. Gonna pay off a few bills, and buy this bike and take megan to Pittsburgh, do some roller coasters, and head home. It’ll be the trip of a lifetime for both of us. She’s growing up too fast. This should be soemthing she’d remember.

This is the bike. THE bike.

More to come.


2 Responses to “FLHTCUSE”

  1. Shit that is a good looking bike.
    Find an 08 copper and pearl black 105th version..
    Lets ride!

  2. Hey Oggy…..

    Very nice ride you got there hun & with all the bells and wistles. Love the blog too, hope you get alot of responses to it

    If you get a change add the mage babe to your myspace page darlin

    Gotta run, hope all is well in your neck of the woods



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