Tour Pak – Black Cherry

I havent ridden a long ride since my last post 2 weeks ago.   Monday I had a wild fantasy that I would go across the texas panhandle and back to utah in 4 days, but I didnt do it.   Im jonesing for a ride.   Riding to work and back doesnt count, and to be honest day rides dont seem that great to me.  for some reason, its only fun when you sleep in another town, wake up and ride.  I dont know why.

So since im not riding, ive got a new goal.  I need a tour pak:

Its detachable, and will allow me to take it on and off.  I can throw my laptop in there, throw on a luggage rack on top so i can take a tent and a sleeping bag.   The nicest thing is the backrest, the taller backrest.   Should make it so the wife and kids enjoy the ride more.

Selling my palmtop on ebay to get one.  I dont want to spend money to get it, and this is funner.   in 5 days I should know.


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