Day 1: Run to Nephi

This morning I had every intention of going to Tonopah, but right now Im in Nephi.

Randy emailed me this morning and told him I was going to tonopah, and he said he’d meet me there.   Hah, hes a die hard.  Love traveling with this guy.   Somehow that morphed into delta, and when I couldnt get a tent spot in delta and no parks in delta to crash, I rode to Nephi.

I managed to get out around 2:30 and hit 1-15.   I hate 1-15.   I hate freeways.   But I didnt havfe all the time in the world, and wasnt sure what I could find as far as camping in nephi, I rode to cove fort and through Richfield.  The rain was awesome going over the mountains into richfield.  It came straight down, rather than straight into my face.  I was soaking wet for about 20 miles, but once I got over the pass I could see the storm move south and blue sky ahead.    Took hwy 89 north through manti etc, and off through fountain green and moroni.

One of my favorite thing about riding is the smells.  Alfalfa, rain, Wet fields, even manure.   You get it all.  I can associate about half a dozen places with certain smells, now I have one more:   Moroni smells like chicken shit.  I can see why thats an insult, because chicken shit is no damn good.   You speed up to get the smell of chicken shit out of your nose.  You cant wait to stop smelling chicken shit.  I may not drive through moroni again without checking the winds.   nasty.

Im in nephi right now, found a nice little place with power and storm clouds brewing miles away.  it could rain tonight, but I could give a shit.   rain doesnt kill you.   Not riding i think might.

The tour pak was awesome on its maiden voyage.  I cant believe how much space I have now.  a glutton of space.  I hauled an extension chord up, just in case, which im using now.  I still have room.   One thing I did notice about the tour pak is how light and shaky it makes the front end of the bike, especially at slow speeds.    with a passenger over the back wheel, its not bad.  its normal, without one, and 25 pounds or so its a bit more edgy.  I think I need to invest in a solo rack for the tour pak.   I need to invent a way to get a quick coupler on it.  I think Ive got a way I can do that.
So randy is coming out at 6AM from morgan.  He should be here around 9 I’d guess.   Then we head out.  I’d like to go back down to tonopah if we can.  I wanna cross that long desert, and randy is the only guy who’d do that without bitching about the heat.    the question is, does he have the time.  He’s gotta be back sunday night.   Wherever we go, itll be fun.

First blog report from the road.   hah, i love this.


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