St George To Salt Lake to St George

You can feel it starting to turn in the mornings.   Its cooling down.  The normally perfect 8AM ride to work requires a jacket now.    So when I needed to head up to Salt Lake to take care of some family matters, and coupled with the fact that my bike is a third the cost of what itd take to drive my truck up, I jumped at the chance to spend the day riding to Salt Lake.    It may be the final time this year.

So I headed up highway 18 toward Cedar, and figured that I’d go up through Minersville and milford again, and see what I could find along my way.

One of the reasons  why I love my bike, is for 20 bucks and some beef jerky, I can get 150 miles away from my problems in life, and the funny thing is, not only is that a cheap vacation, but its also where I get most of my best answers to my problems.   Its the best of all worlds.

In cedar I called my brother, and he was game to finish up early if he could and meet me on the road somewhere.   Right on!   So I headed north, fueled up in Minersville, and headed up to Milford to get some pictures of a place ive passed a million times, but wanted to get some shots of:  the Milford Hotel.   Its been cleaned up a bit since I was there last, and is primed for resurrection possibly.  Cool old hotel.

I met pat just outside of eureka, I met up with Pat after riding through a 4 inch high grasshopper massacre, that for a while made me think my tire was flying apart.     My leathers were yellow, and my bike was covered with bugs, but only completely, and only the lower 6 inches of my bike.   I was like moses parting the red sea of locusts, which of course is a combination plague.   Moses couldnt have done it I dont think, but street glides can.   Its just how I believe.

we boogied out, hit 1-15 and headed for the cabin.   Of course, when I get together with pat after an evening ride, it can only mean one thing:  Single Malt Scotch.   We drank 18 year old scotch, which is something money cannot buy.   Its drinking with blood, with high alcohol content *IN* your blood.   Makes you sleep well.


Woke up, made some calls, waited for my sack ass to accept a reasonable temperature, and headed south behind Utah lake, through Eureka and Delta, through the parowan Gap (where i’d never been) and south on 1-15.   Parted locusts again south of Eureka, and enjoyed the ride.    I also got bored, busted out my camera and filmed the road while I listened to ring of fire by johnny cash.   Through the wind, you can hear it.  It is a mighty road song.   Mightier than you.   I don’t even know you, but I am quite positive it is mightier than you.  Johnny cash bows to no man, even  you.

742 miles, 1 State, 3 days


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