Need to Ride…

I wished I could sum up why I ride.  I cant.   Today I think I got closer to why, and I think its one of the greatest things about riding:  Its the surprises.   I always seem to find an answer to a problem on a ride, or not seem to care about the problem itself, which is such a needed break from reality sometimes.   This last week ive been focused on work, what I need to do, and how I needed to improve my work.   Its been in my head all week, and I think I did that.   My head was full of everything but riding, even though I havent driven my truck for about 3 months.

Tonight was a BACA meeting in hurricane, so after work I jetted out on the freeway to go do my duty for BACA, and all of a sudden it happened:  The ride took over.   It did indeed surprise me, on a short 5 mile stretch of 1-15 where I could feel my bike’s horsepower loving stretching its legs.   the wind, the music, the feeling of seeing everything around me and being a part of it.   Its the surprise.    I love the suprise.   Im addicted yet again.


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