damn winter.

Its getting cold.  I wen to a BACA event today and it was just damn cold.   For the first time in months, my truck is starting to look good.   Thats not good.

I started looking into getting heated gear.  Pants, socks, jacket liner.   That might do it.    I know I wont be able to go too long without riding, but riding to work isnt the same as touring.   Theres alot to see.

On a good note, my business is turning around.   If it keeps going at this rate, next summer I’ll be able to take a couple of weeks off and ride back east.   Right now, thats the only warm thought I have.


One Response to “damn winter.”

  1. Pat Osborne Says:

    I would like to use your shot of the Marilyn Monroe handprints.
    It would be used in a promotional brochure and poster.

    I don’t sell insurance… I’m a designer here.

    I would need to know how large the image is and what you might want
    to let us use it. Please let me know ASAP…

    Thanks!!! (Nice site)

    Pat Osborne
    Lead Graphic Designer
    Mutual of Omaha

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