I think my life took a new direction today, at least confirmed the direction I was going.

I joined Bikers against Child Abuse a few months ago, and today was my first child Ride.  We met a bunch of families that the chapter has been working with, present them with a few things, and take them for a motorcycle ride.   Ive been as involved as I can the last few months, but today was pretty special.   I met alot of innocent kids who have been preyed on by predator fucks who’d id just as soon see die than live, and these kids were awesome.   I saw a bit of fear about life in some, but mostly saw the optimism and resiliency that only a kid can have.

I’ve worn alot of hats in my life, but BACA is the most noble thing ive ever done.   I’ve never felt so good about an act of service in my whole life, especially when I connect with these kids.   Im working with people who all feel the same way.   I hope they look back on the shitty hand that they’ve been dealt and remember how heartfelt our desire to help them and keep them safe were.   Its for real.  I’d take a bullet for these kids without thinking twice.   Theres not alot of innocence in the world, and its our job to protect the things in life that are.

I’m a biker, and I sincerely love these kids.


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