Winter is far too long…

Its cold outside.   Not cold enough to ride the 20 minutes to work, but cold enough that I’m not leaving at the break of dawn and heading to unknown or even known destinations at my whimsy like I like to.   I could do it, but common sense tells me I’m leaving at 2 and in a motel by 6.   That gets me to vegas, or maybe barstow at best.    Its not touring weather.

It sucks.  I really want to hit the open road.   I’m trying to make the best of a cold situation, but I think my touring days are over unless I ship my bike to phoenix or Texas.    Then I couln’t ride it to work and at least get my daily fix.

So I’ll prep for the spring.   Hell, even EARLY spring, when its at least 60 degrees SOMEWHERE I can reach.

I’ll keep prepping.   I don’t know how long I can do it without making a jump somewhere and getting myself in a freezing cold situation.   I’m about to.  I can only change my oil and fuck around locally so much.   I want to ride.

Pat was down this weekend and I know he’s in the same boat I am in.


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