Let it Snow

Historically, December 25th was a day of pagan ritual when the sun hung lowest in the sky and at its highest point appeared to hang in the same spot for 3 days and the rotation of the solar system and our place in it was at the right distance and location  to pull it off.

So I got a new tattoo.    That doesn’t have anything to do with anything.    I just felt like throwing that in. Christmas is a week away.   Still, more random thoughts.   That’s how I roll.

New Tattoo

New Tattoo

Oh, and it snowed again today.   They closed the schools, and my kids are 3 shades of excited about that.   I wished I could have a snow day, but that’s not going to happen, unless it hits 3 feet deep.  I doubt if st george actually DOES have snow plows, Santa Clara has none and I’d be forced to bunker down till help arrives.   Maybe I’ll just not look outside and pretend that happens and work on my laptop.   I’m the boss, I can do that right? haha, yeah… right.

My bikes do not like snow.  They told me.

My bikes do not like snow. Or Do they?


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