NEED to ride.

My Street Glide is in Phoenix and it’s driving me nuts.   I need it back.  It’s not  a want, its a need now.   Work has been intense the last few weeks changing over into an entirely new and great direction, but with the weather getting completely rideable and not having my touring bike I gotta admit is really wearing on me.   I need to go for a long and lonely ride into the desert, put my feet up on my touring pegs and drain all my stress out onto the road for 6 hours.   I need to camp out in the desert with a flask of Scotch and sleep under the stars.    I need to wake up in the morning, eat some beef jerky from my saddle bags and drink coffee while I wait for it to warm up and take the 6 hours home.

Once it’s back, I gotta tell you I’m never parking my bike anywhere other than my garage.   It’s like leaving one of my kids down there.   It seemed like a good idea when I did it, but with me not being able to bust out and go for a ride right now is all I can think about.    Nothing sets my head right like my bike and an open road with no stress.   My brother mike calls it going on walkabout.    I need to go on walkabout.

I found this picture on the web and photoshopped it up a bit.   It’s a road I will hit this summer, on route 66 in New Mexico.   Its a gorgeous road.

Route 66 New Mexico Road Shot New Mexico Road Shot Near Route 66

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