I can feel Spring…

This weekend, I’ll finally be riding.   My wife is going to run me down to Phoenix to get the street glide.   From there, I’ll be draining my entire winter stress out onto the road and I cannot wait.   It’s all I can think about and it keeps me going.

Ever feel life has you stretched so completely tight that you aren’t yourself?  That your easy decisions in life  — the very basics of who you are are a bit out of wack?   The economy, marriage, business, work, friends and everything else in life I’ve worked to build are weighing on me.   I have no doubt that 1,000 miles on the open road will cure that.   It always cures it.   It feels like the stress of life drains out on the road a drop at a time and is refilled by the best parts of life:   Courage.   Love.   Strength.   Inspiration.    Monday, I have no doubt I’ll be a new person and be back to myself, ready to kick ass and take names.

And its only tuesday.   Damn.

This song seems to make sense today:


One Response to “I can feel Spring…”

  1. Oggy,

    I hope you have a great reunion getting your bike & a fantastic, refreshing & soul moving ride back home. Stay safe & enjoy dalin



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