Bellemont Arizona Route 66

Bellemont is another great route 66 place for me.   It’s only 10 miles from Flagstaff, and I’ve stopped here often as it’s the only harley dealership till Kingman.    There’s also a bar and grill next door that’s really clean and big, so I stopped in for a beer as it was the afternoon and I needed a Guinness.

No Vacancy Sign, from the 1969 Movie "Easy Rider"

No Vacancy Sign, from the 1969 Movie "Easy Rider"

Right over the pool tables is another reason I came into Bellemont.    Have you seen Easy Rider?  If you haven’t, then X out of your browser, shut off your computer and run down to hollywood video and rent it.   It’s a classic.   Not only did it change the movie industry, its got some of the best riding scenes with some of the best music around.   At the start of the movie, right after the credits Wyatt and Billy go to get a room at the Pine Breeze inn after riding all day, and the man comes out, takes a look at them then closes the door and turns on the sign above.    Thats the very sign from the movie, and I had to see it.       The people here are one of a kind.   I walk in from out of nowhere, and at least 3 people came up and introduced themselves and we talked.   The bartender was even very nice and listened to my stories.    Theres just a good feeling here.    I’d love to be here with Mrs Zip on a friday night.    That’ll happen.

I stayed for a couple brewskis then took a few pictures and headed on down the road.    It was getting colder and windier.

Before I left, I had to come get a picture of the Pine Breeze Inn, from the movie Easy Rider again.

I’ve got other pictures here, from a previous visit last year with some screenshots from the movie.

The Pine Breeze Inn

The Pine Breeze Inn

Click Here to See the entire route from the 1969 Movie Easy Rider


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