Hackberry Arizona – Route 66

By the time I hit Crozier canyon/Hackberry I knew I had one more picture in me and I knew what I wanted.   Unfortunately, the winds were picking up, my shutters on my camera apparantly were hanging, and I just knew I needed to get home.   I could see heavy clouds forming in the direction of Kingman and Las vegas, and I had 5 hours ahead of me without rain gear.    I took the last 2 pictures of my trip haphazardly and then opened it up to get home.



From Hackberry, I rode into kingman feeling confident I’d make it home dry so I went into Denny’s  on Route 66 and ordered me a superbird and several cups of coffee.   In that 45 minutes, the clouds became dark and heavy and I questioned whether I should get a room in Kingman for the night.    I need to buy rain gear.   The fact that it was cold and I knew rain would freeze me to my bike faster than the movie Dumb and Dumber, I had second thoughts.   I said screw it, I’d deal with it as it happened.
It rained all around me.  In front of me, and behind me, and I only got a little wet.   Spring break traffic was rough near hoover Dam, but at the end I made it home dry and ahead of Robyn.

I’m so freaking glad to have my Street Glide back.   I love it like one of my kids.


One Response to “Hackberry Arizona – Route 66”

  1. Fantastic blog, MrZip. Did this run myself….brought back wonderful memories.

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