Meteor City Route 66

I knew I had things I wanted to see on this trip, particularly Two Guns and Twin Arrows, so after Joseph City I opened up and headed toward winslow.    I’ll admit my knowledge of route 66 winslow is pretty meager, and I found myself just passing it altogether to head toward Two Guns.   I totally forgot about meteor city, so I pulled over to see it.   Meteor City is the home of the worlds longest map of route 66, and thats the trading posts biggest claim to fame.

The original trading post was built in 1938 and was made out of stucco.   The current geo-dome was built in 1979.   I’m a bit resistant to moccassins and native american blankets, but the histories on the walls are alot more interesting.

Meteor City.

Meteor City.

The orignal mural was painted by Bob Waldmire, if you know who he is.   He’s a famous wandering resident of route 66 and unofficially its favorite artist.    The original mural eventually weathered away, and in 2002 it was repainted.   Not alot to see here, and after 10 minutes I headed west to Two Guns.


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