Parks Arizona – Route 66

After twin Arrows, I realized I was running out of daylight and there was thing I wanted to see.    I spend alot of time in flagstaff and have ridden it a dozen times, so I stayed in 1-40.   Doing so, I bypassed winona as well.   No biggie.   I’ll come this way again.   I seem to always find a way to get down this way.

Parks Arizona, Route 66

Parks Arizona, Route 66

So I ran through Parks.   Parks is an interesting place, as its chock full of route 66 alignments going all over the place.   At least 3 different ones.  My family and I come down to parks fairly often with the RV because it’s close to flagstaff, and the weather in always nice and cool and in the forest.   I love parks.   It’s just got a good feeling, and although I know that “I wasn’t born to follow” video from easy rider was filmed 30 miles south of here, that song always goes through my head because the scenery looks the same.   Parks is just cool and I never bypass it.

The store in parks is especially interesting.   I’ve seen it go from abandoned, to used to now being abandoned and for sale again, but it’s always survived.   In 1931 route 66 went from one side of the store to the other, and so they just changed the frontage and front door.    Not far from here theres other alignments from the 20’s with some pretty cool culverts I’ve taken pictures of from 20 years ago that I’ll scan and post sometime.   In the meantime, I love this section of route 66.   It just feels like home somehow.


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  1. […] there, we drove up to Parks to drive yet again another old alignment of the mother road.    Parks Arizona to this day is still one of my favorite Sections of Route […]

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