Seligman Arizona Route 66 Camping

As I rode past williams, got Gas in Ash Fork (which I wanted to ride a little more but will next run), I headed down crookton road and into seligman.   The music sounded sweet, my hands were cold and the wind was gusting.   The sun was also setting and I didn’t really care because I knew where I was spending the night, and it was at a place I’d visited 20 years earlier.   The heart of route 66 Arizona, and the place where the revival of the mother road started:  Seligman Arizona.

I’d passed by the KOA in Seligman for years, and it just looked stark and treeless.   I knew I had to stay there, because I’d packed a tent and it would just make sense.     So I did.   I knew beforehand from reading the KOA site that the proprietor was a hockey fan, but when I showed up this sat prominently on her desk:

Sidney Crosby, Troy Polamalu & Marc Andre Fleury

Sidney Crosby, Troy Polamalu & Marc Andre Fleury

I knew she was quality people.   We immediately hit it off.   We talked about the penguins and the steelers seasons.   She was awesome, and moved from the Burgh’ to Florida, then came here on a visit and bought the Seligman KOA.    She’d cleaned it up a bunch, the bathrooms were straight up immaculate.    After we bitched about the old coach, cheered on the Pittsburgh Steelers defense and talked about how theres a terrible towel in the Snow Cap, I went out set up my tent just as the sun set.     Ahhh, It felt good to know where I was sleeping.

Seligman KOA with the Street Glide

Seligman KOA with the Street Glide - Home for the night...

After I got the tent set up and I was situated, I rode the 2 miles to the other end of town to get me some chicken fried steak and I slowly rode through town to get some night pictures of the neon signs, just like I’d pictured when I first thought of this trip.   Not a ton of neon, but I got what I could:

Route 66 Motel

Route 66 Motel

Supai Motel

Supai Motel

Stagecoach 66 MO E

Stagecoach 66 MO E

That night, I sat in my tent and had intended to post on my blog, but forgot the password for the wi-fi, so I watched a few episodes of Sons Of Anarchy on my laptop and fell asleep by midnight, assisted by a few snoots of Tennessee whiskey I’d bought at the Jack Rabbit Trading Post.    My first day in 3 months with the street glide kicked pure ass.    It was smooth, and quite honestly I couldn’t be happier to ride again.    I knew tomorrow was going to be colder than a witches tit in a brass bra, but what the hell.   I’d figure it out.   I just had to beat the storms that we’re coming inveitably and get home.


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