Twin Arrows Arizona – Route 66

After Two Guns, the next place to visit was Twin Arrows.

Twin Arrows Arizona Route 66

Twin Arrows Arizona Route 66

I remember stopping here in the 80’s when I first got the route 66 bug with my wife.   We got gas, had a burger and headed into flagstaff.   The last few years I’ve watched it close, get vandalized and start to fall apart.     I pulled up expecting to get some pictures and reminisce about a fallen route 66 landmark.    I didn’t realize how far it’s fallen.

Twin Arrows Trading Post

Twin Arrows Trading Post

I jumped the barrier and took a few pictures, and got a few inside.    It’s amazing how the walls still shine with fresh coats of paint, but the roof is failing and the windows are broken.   Sad.   When I got home, I searched and found that there is Hope for Twin Arrows and it may be Restored, At least it’s being looked at.   I hope they do it.    I’ve noticed that even with the last few years the arrows themselves are starting to rot and fall apart.


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