Times are tight: Lets ride.

Times are indeed tight. I sold the fatboy this week to square up a little on some debt and it feels good to have some debt taken care of.

I need to ride. I’ve got the Street Glide back and I need to load up the tent and sleeping bag and find me a place in the desert to ride to and watch the stars. It’s impossible to have a cheaper vacation.

The stock market crashed in 1929. This is what they rode then:

1929 Harley Davidson

1929 Harley Davidson

After the crash of 29, they figured it out. in 1934 in the heart of the great depression, they designed bikes that still copied to this day.

We’ll figure it out. We have to. We just will…

From a recent ad campaign by Harley Davidson, which I tend to believe:

“Over the last 105 years in the saddle, we’ve seen wars, conflicts, depression, recession, resistance and revolution. We’ve watched a thousand hand-wringing pundits disappear in our rear-view mirror. But every time this country has come out stronger than before. Chrome and asphalt has always put distance between you and whatever the world can throw at you….. If 105 years have proved one thing, it’s that fear sucks and it doesn’t last long. So screw it, let’s ride.”

The Okies Moved West to Change America

The Okies Moved West to Change America

Right now I know half a dozen people who have lost their Jobs due to the economy.    All I know is I have a wife who looks to me to keep her and our 3 kids safe, to keep them fed and keep us together.  Come hell or high water I will do that.    What will come of this?  I can only think alot of good.     We’ll rely on each other more.  We’ll save more.   The economy will be more real, not based on someone trading commodities out of fuel.

Stick together.   We’ll work through whatever comes ahead.


2 Responses to “Times are tight: Lets ride.”

  1. Trevor Hilton Says:

    My Sportster 883 is cheaper to drive than my Silverado, and a nice ride home at the end of the day helps to clear my mind.

    One more thing that can come from an economic downturn. Hopefully, the USA will return to God.

  2. Hey Mr Zip! Bad news on the Fatboy, but the truth is that you can only ride one bike at a time. I’m not sure how much I believe the Harley ad – they have screwed up big-time, and just as bad as GM in my view – but there is a lesson in that ’29 Flat Head. The Marketers have so influenced us into believing that we HAVE to have whistles and bells and gizmos, that everyone has borrowed zillions to buy into a lifestyle that is neither necessary nor wholly desirable. We have become a throw-away world. Well, there’s a lot of machinery that is going to get repaired rather than replaced over the next few years, so maybe there will be opportunities in that for some people. It’s bad in the UK too (and we have an idiot as Prime Minister) but it will get better. Meantime, biking pleasure comes from the humming along….not from how many gizmos are attached to the frame! Stay happy Brother!

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