Easy Like Sunday Morning

Easy like Sunday Morning.     Life has never been more stressful, but I’m getting hardened about swimming upstream.

Clint and I sat at the bar last night and planned out a 2800 mile ride to calgary on May 23rd.   Ill head out friday morning and ride the 1120 miles into High River, Alberta Canada in a single session, meeting him at the border, and I’ll earn my Iron Butt Certification.     My friends say I can’t do it.   I’ll definately do it.   I’ve done 600 miles in a day, and was fresh as a fucking daisy.    I can do the other 500 miles no problem.     Granted, I didn’t wake up untill noon, but I was spry and energetic as a 16 year old.   I’ll do it.    I actually can’t wait.
Because I’m easy.   Easy like sunday morning.


One Response to “Easy Like Sunday Morning”

  1. Mr Z, I got to hand it to you! I’ve done 1000 miles a day car-testing in Germany – but on the Autobahnen, there are few speed restrictions and just miles of long straight roads. But in your land, the Blue Jacket Guys are a bit tighter on speeds….so you will really EARN that Iron Butt award!!! Go Zip!

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