RoadRunner’s Retreat

I’ve always been fascinated with Amboy California. Roy’s may very well be my favorite place on Route 66. I once met its owner Buster Burris, and he was nice enough to sit and talk to my wife and I and talk about route 66.

Just East of Amboy and before Chambless is Roadrunner Retreat. It’s a ruin of a place that begs questions of it’s story. It does to me.

The roadrunner retreat is as classic as Roy's

The roadrunner retreat is as classic as Roy's

I can’t find alot of information on the Roadrunner Retreat.   Today I found some clues.

Vintage 1950's Postcard of Roadrunner Retreat

Vintage 1960's Postcard of Roadrunner Retreat

This section of route  66 was bypassed in 1972, and not much later it began to dry up.   I’m sure RR could tell us some stories.   Do you have any?   I’d love to have pictures and info on this place.  there’s just not a lot on the internet.

Roadrunner Retreat 2008

Roadrunner Retreat 2008

Today I contacted the Northern Arizona University Library and they gave me a picture of  this awesome area:

Roadrunner Retreat in 1989

Roadrunner Retreat in 1989 - The Expressway Diner.

Roadrunner Retreat 2005

Roadrunner Retreat 2005

Amboy survived for years.   Even though Buster Burris bulldozed much of the town to avoid having to pay taxes on it after the 1-40 bypass,  Roy’s stayed open for almost 25 years.   Buster was tougher than boiled owl.

I don’t know how much longer Roadrunner Retreat lasted.   I’d love to know it’s story.  I’ve been here probably 8-10 times, and I don’t know anything about it.   If you know ANYTHING about this cool place, stories or history, please post or email me at .


2 Responses to “RoadRunner’s Retreat”

  1. Trevor Hilton Says:

    Come check out Route 66 in Oklahoma some time. If you’re ever in the Edmond, OK area, say “Hi.”

  2. You bet. I’d love that.

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