B.A.C.A. Blues and Barbeque

Yesterday our chapter of B.A.C.A.  held a poker run and fundraiser at Zion Harley Davidson.   We had a decent turnout, and I think everyone had fun.

Bikers against Child Abuse Blues & BBQ

Hondo and I manned the 2nd, and 4th stops on the run.   I love hondo.   He’s 70 years old, got bad kidneys, a head full of great stories, an iron ass and a heart of gold.   He’s not supposed to be in the sun, and refuses dialisis and figures when his time is up, his time is up.   I kind of feel the same way.   He works like a dog for BACA, and straight up he’s my brother.    Any time with Hondo is good time.     If I live to 70, I want his outlook on life.

Bikers against Child Abuse Blues & BBQ

When I got back to the rally I noticed my tires.   Wow, they were terrible.   I was shocked how bad they were, and that I hadn’t noticed.   Luckily I was at the dealership and got a new back tire.

BACA recharges me.   I’ve never been in an organization that I’ve felt fit me like a glove as much as this.    I’ve done alot of service in my life, but none as important as this.   Evertime we ride it directly effects innocent kids.   I love it.


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