Route 66 Trip again

I’ve had the flu all week.   I’ve felt like shit.    Was originally planning to go with my brother Pat through Nevada to test our our tents and do some riding, but it wasn’t meant to be.  I’m still not anywhere near 100% and it was raining in Salt Lake we blew that off and made big plans to hit route 66 up next week.

4th of july weekend.   Pat will come down thursday night to St George,  then friday morning the 4th we’ll blitz to kingman and show him some of my favorite places on route 66 toward Albuqerque.    I’m pretty stoked.   Pat is my brother, he’s blood, and he’s a damn good friend.   We get each other, and we ride like banshees.
More to come….


5 Responses to “Route 66 Trip again”

  1. Swine flu huh? We’re just all waiting our turn….

    4th July on Route66 sounds good though – keep gobbling the Tylenol!

  2. Ill take some good pictures and send em your way. Too bad you and the magna are clear across the Atlantic. The elefant could make it I’m nearly positive. Fashion some pontoons, make a sandwitch and head on over!

  3. Good call! I’m sure the Elefant’s rear wheel would make a good paddle-wheel if strapped to big-enough flotation bags! And the Magna…Mr Zip, I swear it goes 10mph faster if I whisper “Sixty-Six” in its air cleaner…..mainly because I think a lot of Arizona Desert may still be trapped in there!!!

  4. I’m nearly positive your new ride would paddle the Atlantic faster than 2 layovers and a connecting flight. What I’m not entirely sure of, are you sure that the waft of a post-pub breath into your air cleaner isnt improving the magna’s horsepower, rather than arizona dust? 🙂 I swear its like starting fluid!

    One day…. one day… We need to tour. I’m just afraid My Street Glide would sink like the bismarck at worst, and be a 5 sandwitch proposition at best.

  5. Trevor Hilton Says:

    I’ll say a prayer for you, Mr Zip.

    In the latest issue of American Rider magazine there’s an article about a man who’s logged 1 million miles on his 1991 FXRT. Maybe I can ride my Sportster more than that. It’ll be fun to try.

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