Bike History

Here was my first bike:  A 1972 XR75.   My father bought it for me, then taught me how to ride it, something I will forever be indebted to him for doing.   We rode quite a few times together, but most of the time I was racing it around fields, jumping it like I was evel Knevel and running from cops at a young age.   I was 10 years old.

Then a 1976 Honda MT 250.  My dad bought it, then I took it over.   I got my first ticket on this bike:  55 in a 25, no license, no helmet, no registration, excessive noise, and the cop followed me for 2 miles before I noticed him and pulled over.    I seized this bike more than a few times, and it would cool down and just keep running.  I actually sold this bike a  few years ago.  It still ran.

A 1984 Honda Magna (at one point I had 2.   I 700cc and a 750cc)   I bought the first in 1989 when I was living in Long Beach, and put 72k miles on it.   It gave up the ghost, and I got another one and rode it for about a year.   This bike turned me onto long touring, and when I finally couldnt afford to keep it together from thrown transmissions, blowby from bad rings, and leaky engines I literally cried when I took it to the dump and unloaded her.   She’s the bike that showed me the beauty of a long open road and the time to go down it and enjoy it all.   To this day, when I see a magna, it puts a smile on my face.   I kept a written log of some of my rides on the magna when I first got her, and which was the idea to start this blog.   its under the Honda Magna Retro Logs section.

My 1987 Suzuki SP 600.   I bought it for 50 bucks, broke my ankles everytime I started it, launched it in the air several times, and threw the chain about every 40-45 minutes riding it.  It was held together with JB weld and what mustve been a guardian angel to keep me alive on it.    This was the only bike I had for a while.  I sold it for 50 bucks.    I am quite positive it is sitting in a ravine somewhere, and a good possiblity of a missing person lying next to it.

This is my Street Glide.   The second I saw her, I knew I was walking out with her.   Not trying to be dramatic, but it was love at first site.   Best bike ive ever owned.

The Road Rage

The Road Rage - 2006 FLHXI Street Glide

2006 FLSTFI Fat Boy

2006 FLSTFI Fat Boy


One Response to “Bike History”

  1. Very nice site. I found your link through (I am cybdet) I also own a 2006 SG. I am considering an upgrade to my motor like you have done. My SG has 16+K miles and I am going to make the upgrade my winter (New York area) project. How do you like the V&H 2-1 pipes? I am considering also going with a 2-1. Not sure if I want the V&H, D&D Fatcats or Reinharts.

    Apprecieate the advice from your experience.


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