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B.A.C.A. Blues and Barbeque

Posted in Bikers Against Child Abuse on May 31, 2009 by MrZip66

Yesterday our chapter of B.A.C.A.  held a poker run and fundraiser at Zion Harley Davidson.   We had a decent turnout, and I think everyone had fun.

Bikers against Child Abuse Blues & BBQ

Hondo and I manned the 2nd, and 4th stops on the run.   I love hondo.   He’s 70 years old, got bad kidneys, a head full of great stories, an iron ass and a heart of gold.   He’s not supposed to be in the sun, and refuses dialisis and figures when his time is up, his time is up.   I kind of feel the same way.   He works like a dog for BACA, and straight up he’s my brother.    Any time with Hondo is good time.     If I live to 70, I want his outlook on life.

Bikers against Child Abuse Blues & BBQ

When I got back to the rally I noticed my tires.   Wow, they were terrible.   I was shocked how bad they were, and that I hadn’t noticed.   Luckily I was at the dealership and got a new back tire.

BACA recharges me.   I’ve never been in an organization that I’ve felt fit me like a glove as much as this.    I’ve done alot of service in my life, but none as important as this.   Evertime we ride it directly effects innocent kids.   I love it.


2009 Bikers Against Child Abuse Bike Giveaway

Posted in Bikers Against Child Abuse with tags on May 12, 2009 by MrZip66

Every year, for the last several Years, Our chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse has  given away a bike each year to raise money for abused kids.   Last year we raised about $50,000.00, every penny of which goes to help abused children.   We’re a 100% volunteer and non-profit organization, and we make a difference.  I’ve seen it in these kids eyes who we take care of and adopt.    First time we visit them, they’re terrified and don’t trust anyone.   You can’t blame them.   We make them feel safe, because they know we’ll do whatever it takes to keep them safe, and they know it.   I’m B.A.C.A.  for life.

Here’s our bike this year:

Sweet Ride.   Custom 2008 Electra Glide Classic

Sweet Ride. Custom 2008 Electra Glide Classic

Its a 2008 Electra Glide classic customized and Donated by Legends Vintage Motorcycles out of Springville Utah.   It’s a phat bike.

2009 Bikers against child abuse bike giveaway. We’re asking for $10.00 donations per ticket, every penny of which goes to help abused kids.     You don’t need to be present to win.   If you win, I’ll store it till you can come pick it up and will show you the best rides in southern Utah.    If you have time, I’ll show you the best parts of Route 66.

Last year we gave away a custom road king, but I think this year we have an even better looking bike if that’s possible.  The drawing is on Saturday, November 7th in Mesquite Nevada, and if you can make it we have a great time.   If you can’t, either way you can’t lose:  If you get the bike, its obvious.  You get a really kick ass bike that turns heads.  If you don’t, you help abused kids get therapy or help to overcome the bad hand that they’ve been dealt.    I’d love it if you’d help out.

Tickets are $10 a piece, and if you donate I’ll email you a scanned picture of your ticket and will enter the hopper to win the drawing on november 7th.   Remember you don’t need to be present to win. This bike is easily worth 25 grand.


Donate if you can.

EXACTLY why I Ride with B.A.C.A.

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Sidenote:  Iron Butt Countown:  13 Days.