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Day 5: First Day on Route 66

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Robyn at Roys on Route 66

Robyn in 1991 at Roy's in Amboy

Rode 404 miles today.

We left Anaheim about 10, somewhat reluctantly. Disneyland for 2 days was a blast. We rode splash mountain 5 times (one of which I lost my watch on) and if the park wouldnt have closed at 10 instead of 1 AM like we thought, we wouldve probably done every ride twice. We could have spent a week there.

Anyway, we took highway 5 to 405, north on 55 onto 91 and then 1-15 North. We got off on a part of route 66 near Cajon pass. It was only about 8 miles but it already showed a few casualties of the interstate. It was once a two-laner and I think we missed a little of it and couldve found more. Then it was 1-15 through to Barstow. At Dagget, we found old trails highway, ol’ route 66 again. we went through newberry springs, a little town practically under the 1-40 underpass and stopped 30 miles later at ludlow to get a gatorade. 1/2 hour later, we were in Amboys at a place called Roys. Its owned by Buster Burris, who said he’d been there 50 years. He was rad! We ate, bought a T-shirt, talked for a while about route 66 and headed for cadiz or chambless to get gas. Then, we went through goffs, a shmeggy little place buster showed us that was the OLD route 66. Then it was to 1-40 untill we hit Topock. I know we missed alot of it.

We rode through Oatman, and old ghost town that had closed down by the time we got there, but did have a sarsparilla and headed out. Oatman and goldroad was pretty interesting. At one time it had 10,000 people and now it has 100 people…… maybe.

Rode into Kingman for the night to the KOA. Windy day, but a nice ride.


Day 2: St George to California

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This morning I met a guy with a 1950 Indian chief, pristine condition. He told me that when his father died, there were 2 they found in the crates. Amazing. Someday….

We left Barstow K.O.A. around 9:30 AM and headed off to forage for food, and ate at the must advertised “bun boy”. After getting gase we were on the road & on Old US 66 out of Barstow, now called national trails highway. Anyway, we lost route 66 in Victorville & Got on Hesperia road to naturally… Hesperia.

Through Silverwood Lake was heavily wooded. Winding and steep switchbacks that were gorgeous. From then on, it was freeway. We did damn good with that map holder on my gas tank bag. we only had to stop once to figure out where to go & only because we couldnt

look at it long in heavy traffic and read it wrong. Anyway, another great investment.

We ate at In n Out Burger in Lake Elsinore & picked up a few T shirts & headed off to the coast. The ortega highway is another nice ride. When I was there 2 years ago with Randy it had recently been burned pretty bad and was mostly charred but has since started to grow back and gotten much greener.

Magna Trip with Robyn, 1991.  Disneyland Campground

When we hit the coast, I got us on PCH, and untill we hit anaheim it was clutch hand hell. Im surprised my clutch survived, but my left hand barely did. Too much traffic. Certain spots were beautiful though.

Right now we’re in Disneys Vacationland Campground. Its grassy and has everything a motorcycle enthusiast could want. As soon as Robyn gets out of the shower we’re heading to breakfast and spending the day at disneyland. Last night we ate at “the catch”, a seafood restaurant. I had the swordfish and robynski had the halibut. It cost us 50 bucks.

We drive 245 Miles Yesterday.My hawt wife Robyn!