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Caliente Nevada

Posted in Rides with tags on May 3, 2009 by MrZip66
H took the beer holster, ready to drrrrrrink

H took the beer holster, ready to drrrrrrink

My 2 closest friends of 25 years went riding this weekend.   Not a long way, but 120 miles away out in the middle of nowhere in a small canyon town of Caliente Nevada.      I like to ride longer distances, but when old friends want to ride at all I’ll take what I can get.  the company was great, the weather was perfect and the beer flowed.

On the Road to Caliente

On the Road to Caliente

Harrison and Justin are just great friends.    We went to high school together, and have seen our share of shit in 25 years.   We rode out, played pool, drank beer and enjoyed each others company.    It was a great weekend.

Caliente is a small railroad town out in the middle of nowhere in Nevada.    The population is about 1,000 people.    The Knotty pine is an outstanding bar, and the beer and food are cheap, so it’s become a bit of an easy overnighter for my friends and I.


3 old friends

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Heading through Veyo

Heading through Veyo

I had big plans this weekend to ride with my brothers from BACA, but at the end of the day only 3 people showed up.  Me, and my 2 old friends Justin and Matt.    We’ve been friends for a long time, since high school 20 years ago.    We get together fairly often, and when justin called me and told me that he and matt were in for a friday ride to caliente and back the next morning, It was good news.   I was seriously about to go by myself as usual, but having 2 good friends go with was great.

We headed out friday around 3 or so, and made our way through gunlock, and north on 18.

Me on the Street Glide

Me on the Street Glide

Matt has a really good looking and well taken care of 94 Dyna Wide Glide, and Justin has an 08 Street Glide.   We rounded up past enterprise and showed them modena.   We kicked around checking out the old store and I managed to talk to the guy who lives next to it.   He said its been vandalized pretty heavily the last few years from people helping themselves to old radiators and sinks, and the roof started on fire a few years back.   Its old.  He said he’s got pictures from the 1880s that show the hotel/store but wasnt quite sure how old it is.   Its a cool old building.

we then bombed into Caliente, checked into the motel, and found the bar and drank beer to our hearts content.    Matty is on the wagon, so jug and I got drunk and we all played pool.   Jug is a dick.  Noone can beat the guy at pool.   I came close, but sunk the 8 ball and lost by one ball twice.    the man has skills.

Just past Modena

Just past Modena

The next morning we loaded up, had breakfast and was home by 2.    Great ride.   One to do again.  Its close, and its  in nevada.   I gotta take robyn.

Totals:  230 Miles Round Trip – 2 States

Mountain Meadow, Modena and Caliente

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My week started with my street glide making noises that I couldnt tell were in my head, or not.  Turns out, a cam chain guide fell off and rested in the bottom of my engine, so I took it in to get it fixed.    That left me with a weekend to ride, and the untested fat boy in garage.    It was time to see what this softail was made of.  if it was destined to be an around the town bike that I end up bobbing and make into something worth looking at, or if I would bag it up a bit and make it into something that makes some miles.

So saturday morning I headed out around gunlock, and up towards rachel nevada.  That was my goal anyway, to head out, have a couple of beers and lunch in rachel, and mabye see some terrain I hadnt ever seen in nevada.

My first stop was mountain meadow.   I hadnt been here for a few years, and figured that it would be a good place to rest my ass and see what new things have been there in the way of monuments.   Mountain meadow still holds controversy, as mormon settlers and indians seiged and massacred 120 men, women and children.    Its a complex story as to why, and Ive studied it and read about it several times since college.   I stopped, snapped some pictures and headed north.

Somewhere up toward Enterprise, erik’s cousin wrecked on erik’s ultra glide the night before.  I couldnt find any evidence or wreckage, and bombed to the nevada border.

Just on the nevada utah border, I explored modena a little bit…. another cool little old (almost) ghost town in nevada that vandals havent done anything to.

after modena, another hour and I found myself in Caliente, drinking a beer and hearing my brothers plans had fallen through, so I headed back to st george to meet him, drink a bottle of Glen Livet and prep for another ride tomorrow.

Gotta go back to caliente, theres more to see there.

231 Miles