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St George to California, Day 7

Posted in Honda Magna Retro Logs, Route 66 with tags , , , , , , on June 21, 1991 by MrZip66

We left Tusayan and drove through the South Rim of the Grand Canyon about 10:00 AM and headed for home. It was on highway 89. Not much to see. Its mostly indian reservation & Dirty little towns. There seems to be more Stands selling indian jewelry than the homes they live in. We got gas at the Gap, travelled for a few hours till Jacob Lake where we gassed up again and ate. We loaded up, and headed for the final stretch home. The trip was over, and I know if we had more money Robyn would agree we’d have stayed longer. I was familar with the road home so I just opened it up and we did 80 most of the way. The best vacation I’d ever been on was over. It’d been like a dream we’d waited for since before we were married and it was done now. I was sad to see it end.

Total Miles: 1169

Total Money Spent: $635.00


  • 2 Disneyland T Shirts
  • 2 In-n-Out burger T shirts
  • 3 route 66 T shirts
  • 1 Route 66 book by michael wallis
  • 1 Route 66 pin
  • 1 Disneyland Key Chain
  • $2 watch
  • 1 Disneyland book

Items Lost:

  • 1 bota bag full of water (somewhere on route 66)
  • 1 American flag (on route 66)
  • 1 watch (on splash mountain)
  • 1 thing of carmex

St. George to Grand Canyon

Posted in Honda Magna Retro Logs with tags , , , on September 23, 1989 by MrZip66

Went with Randy and Michelle Parsons.   Left Friday night and rode 42 miles to Zions.  Rode 121 Miles to the north rim.  Took a nap and rode back to St. George.   The ride was beautiful.  The leaves were starting to turn, and the forest & colors were gorgeous.  A bee flew into Randy’s helmet and stung him.