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Johnny Cash – The Man in Black

Posted in Random Thoughts with tags , on September 9, 2008 by MrZip66

Look at this.   this is a man who truly did walk the line.   any man would be so lucky to be remembered as he was — the man in black:

I listen to alot of johnny cash when I ride.  His music really resonates with me, especially on the bike.   Like him, I am a misfit – an outisder, and theres room in this world for outsiders, because many of you are outsiders too.   I am not always positive, sometimes the world doesnt warrant that.  Sometimes  a spade is a spade, and thank god for men like johnny cash who saw it that way.   Im a big fan.

Im 41 years old, and Ive seen my share of hard times in this world.  Its not all celestial, sometimes its downright hell.    The hell times have formed me, the celestial is what I shoot for.    Its nice not to walk alone, and for those who feel they walk alone:  Open up your heart, because theres something out there for you my friend.   The world awaits, its a great big place… and there is something out there for everyone.    Sometimes all you need to do is flip the coin of your perspective, and a whole new experience is out there for you.  I know, because everytime I flip that coin, the world looks and feels different.  Im getting used to flipping it.    Im glad its there.
RIDE ON!  Walk the line….

Heres another one, from the movie Walk the Line:

Life is short.   This was johnny when he was young, he hadnt much slowed down and was at his peak of experience and energy.   Experience in life comes at a great cost, and later he realized that cost as we all will.    Look at a man who was with the one he loved, still vibrant in his life and had full faculty.   He lived another 33 years past this, but he would never have this moment again.    today really is the most valuable thing you hold.